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Reading the Bible in a year - it's possible!

The Bible - the Word of the God who reveals himself!

All through history God reveals himself to his people by means of his Word. He will meet certain chosen persons by meeting them and speaking to them directly, but to the vast majority God reveals himself through his words, be it orally or in writing in the texts that compose the Bible.
The Bible traces the history of this revelation which is basically a history of his love which culminates in Jesus-Christ. The Scriptures are thus the foundation of our faith, of our relationship with the triune God and of our life as a community.
Reading the Bible from beginning to end is the occasion not only to hear again familiar texts that are precious to us, but also to be surprised and challenged by texts rarely read or used in teachings and sermons in our services.
Most importantly, through the Bible, we deepen our knowledge of and living relationship with the person of God, his character, his love, his patience, his power, his holiness ...
For 2020, the Pastoral council invites you to read the Bible in a year as a church community.

We suggest a reading plan in chronological order that allows to read both the Old and New Testaments in parallel. Specifically, for each day we indicate two or three chapters of the Old and one chapter of the New Testaments.
This will be a challenge for more than one of us, the reason why we suggest the following support:

If you are not able to join the challenge, don't worry. The Bible can be read in one, two, five or ten years, and in many different ways. If you need guidance, don't hesitate to ask one of our pastors or membres of our pastoral council.

Bienvenue! - Welcome! - Willkommen!

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