To be a family where Love reigns and which reflects the life of Christ

To be a family…

be: Christians gathering in a specific place are a sign of God’s action; as a community of Christ, established in a city with other communities, our principal reason to exist consists in living together in relationship with God and with each other, which is mainly expressed by the worship we offer Him; our Church is meeting in Gland, but also gathers people of the larger area, our mission to witness is not limited to this city.

a family: the grand purpose of God is to assemble all people of the whole world into a family united by the Holy Spirit around the risen Jesus-Christ; the Church Arc-en-Ciel is part of this family, hence, we aim to be a home of peace and pacification for a multitude of generations, by living unity in diversity, and setting our sight on being equipped both individually and corporately for service and growth.

…where Love reigns…

reigns: we confess God the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the sovereign Creator and Savior of the whole world, the God of whom we want to be servants in adoration and the free submission of our will; we aim at our whole lives expressing the privilege of being part of his family.

Love: the Love of God took the face of Jesus of Nazareth who, by his life, death and resurrection expressed its specific dimension; we aim at following his example, in particular by an authentic hospitality offered to each other, and by integrating into our lives the power of reconciliation, restoration and healing.

…and which reflects the life of Christ.

which reflects: God’s family does not exist for itself, but for the world; conscious of our limits, we no less believe that God’s love is without limits and wants to shine through his family to bring the restoring life of Jesus-Christ everywhere; we thus aim at sharing this life with the people of Gland and the larger area; we share this privilege with the other Churches of the area and collaborate with them in different projects.

the life of Christ: this life is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, manifested in the light of the Word of God (= the Bible), by equipping us for our mission; empowered by the Spirit, we want to serve God and our neighbor with fervour and joy.